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In Key Stage 1 children build upon the experiences of textiles from Early Years when they design and make puppets based on a character from  a book in the fiction library. They learn how to create a running stitch and use this to join two puppet pattern shapes that they have cut out using a template. Once they have created this basic puppet they apply a range of decorative techniques following their design to create the puppet.

Key Stage 1

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In Lower Key Stage 2 children design and make cushions for the gift shop for the local art gallery. Children extend their sewing techniques by learning the overstitch technique to create a cushion. When making the decorative cushion cover they learn how to create a seam allowance as use this method to make a 3D fabric product. They base their cushion cover design on research they have conducted into iconic works of art. As an alternative to the cushion project, children design and make an animal soft toy as part of a charity fundraising initiative

Lower Key Stage 2

Arty Cushions               Charity Soft Toy

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In Upper Key Stage 2 children design and make waistcoats to wear in a class fashion show. They learn how mood boards are used by designers to organise and develop their ideas. When they have completed their design they create a pattern template for their waistcoat and apply  a range of sewing techniques to create their waistcoat. Using Dipryl fabric allows the children to apply a range of decorative and finishing techniques to ensure that their waistcoat really stands out in a crowd.

Upper Key Stage 2

In Upper Key Stage 2 children combine their knowledge of working with textiles and computer programming to create a Soft Toy Tamagotchi. Based on the popular electronic pet from the 1990s children design and make a soft toy that includes a programmable BBC Microbit. They program the toy to interact with the user and to perform different actions when the buttons of the Microbit are pushed. This unit delivers the program systems part of the National Curriculum for Design Technology. 

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Fashion Waistcoats

Soft Toy Tamagotchi

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