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Staff Confidence and Capability Audit

Design Technology is one of those curriculum subjects that relies heavily on staff subject knowledge. Weak subject knowledge often results in a lack of confidence and ability to deliver effective learning in the subject. Our simple staff audit assesses the confidence and capability of the staff in the six strands of learning in design technology as well as other important aspects of the subject. Analysis of the results will identify strengths and weaknesses in the subject and provide a good starting point for staff training and development.

Training & Support

Physical Computing, Coding and Program Systems in Design Technology in a Day - London Venue  Thursday 23rd May 2024

PCP Day.png

Teaching physical computing, programmable toys, robotics and computer coding can prove challenging for teachers across the primary years. In Design Technology, the requirement to teach children the necessary knowledge to include systems that control and monitor their products can also prove just as challenging. This highly interactive and practical day aims to support teachers in delivering these elements of the primary curriculum. The morning session allows teachers to explore physical computing from EYFS to Year 6 including computer coding using block codes. Participants will learn the capabilities of the BBC Microbit and Crumble Kits using the starter kits that are provided as part of the course materials and are included in the price. In the afternoon, participants will learn how to incorporate using the BBC Microbit and Crumble Kits into Design Technology projects. In addition to this high quality training, all participants will receive copies of three units of work from our scheme of work that focus on programme systems (Crumble Nightlights, Soft Toy Tamagotchi and Robo Wars (Controllable Vehicles).

Delegate cost: £160

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Consultancy Support

Our design technology specialist consultants are available to support schools in delivering a quality curriculum offer in Design Technology. This support can include:

  • Full day staff CPD sessions covering different aspects of Design Technology.

  • Half day and full day support meeting for the Design Technology subject leader.

  • A comprehensive Design Technology subject review.

  • Design Technology twilight training for staff.


We can also offer bespoke support for individual schools, federations, academy trusts and local authorities.

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