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Primary Design Technology

Scheme of Work Overview

The Primary Design technology scheme of work aims to deliver the National Curriculum (England) for Design Technology. Units of work focus on the six strands of learning in design technology: Cooking and Nutrition, Materials (Textiles), Structures, Mechanical Systems, Electrical Systems and Program Systems.

Units of work are carefully sequenced to ensure that children reach the end of key stage expectations in design technology. Our Curriculum Pathway document details how this is achieved.

Each unit of work has an extensive medium term plan that guides teachers through the sequence of learning. To support this learning journey lesson slides are provided for the six sessions planned for each unit of work. Here is a sample of a medium term plan.

A key component of learning in design technology is developing children's vocabulary. Design technology has extensive technical vocabulary that children need to know to fully understand the subject. Each teaching session in the scheme of work begins with a vocabulary focus using words from our design technology vocabulary list.

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