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Art Academy Scheme of Work

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Scheme Overview

Each unit of work is planned over six lessons: Generally there are Five ‘foundation lessons’ focusing on technique and art history, followed by an extended creative outcome lesson which brings together the knowledge, skills and concepts that have been taught previously. Each lesson within each unit of work has an accompanying presentation in Powerpoint format. The presentation can be edited to suit the individual teaching needs. The presentations include:

  • Vocabulary                          Each lesson has 3 key words or phrases linked to the learning that will take place

  • Artists & Art                        Short biographies and iconic examples of artwork linked to the topic being studied.

  • Online Links                       To museums, art galleries, websites and online videos.

  • Exemplar Work                  Examples of completed learning tasks (It is optional whether to share these with children).

  • Step by Step Guides         These are intended for use by teachers to show the steps in the creative process.

  • Videos                                 Videos that demonstrate skills and techniques linked to creative activities within the scheme of work.

Many units of work include additional presentations that cover generic topics such as the elements of art, key techniques and skills or that focus in more depth of specific artists, artistic movements and iconic works of art.

Each unit of work also includes:​

  • Medium Term Plan (linked to the overall scheme of work / curriculum pathway)

  • Knowledge Organiser

  • Additional resources needed for successful delivery of the unit of work

The Curriculum Pathway document details the knowledge, skills and concepts that are covered across the primary years as part of the scheme of work.

Art Academy is continually being developed and updated. Updates for each unit of work are provided free of charge.

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