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Primary Design Technology Scheme of Work

Summer Smoothies (Key Stage 1)

Design Brief: Design and make a Fruit Smoothie for your Friends.
Strand of Learning: Cooking and Nutrition

Overview: In this unit of work children design and make a fruit smoothie for a friend. Children learn the names of a range of fruit and investigate where fruit can be bought locally. Children learn how to cut and prepare a range of fruits. Through tasting apples, they begin to develop their taste vocabulary. This vocabulary is extended through more taste tests where the children are taught how to cut fruit using the bridge hold and the claw grip. Children are taught key healthy eating messages including eating five portions of fruit and vegetables every day, drinking lots of water and cutting down sugary foods. Having designed and made their fruit smoothie they evaluate their product, and their friend also evaluates the smoothie. As part of the evaluation children begin to investigate food packaging and use this knowledge to design a container for their smoothie.


Images from the Lesson Presentation Slides

  • 6 x Lesson Presentation Slides

  • Healthy Eating presentation

  • Fruit and Vegetables Pack

  • PDF Evaluation sheets

  • PDF Food packaging template

  • PDF recipes for fruit smoothies

Medium Term Planning includes:

  • 6 x lesson overviews

  • Vocabulary List

  • Learning statements linked to Curriculum

  • Support and Challenge

  • Assessment - Keeping up with the curriculum

Teaching Pack

Curriculum Scope and Sequence

Substantive & Technical Knowledge

Children should know:

  • A product is something that is made to do a job or fulfil and need.

  • A design brief describes the product that is to be made

  • A product is made for a person known as the client

  • To keep themselves safe when making things.

  • Simple procedures for working hygienically with food.

  • Evaluating a product is about identifying what is good about the product and ways it could be made better.


Cooking and Nutrition

  • Names of a range of different fruit and vegetables

  • Fruit and vegetables come from different parts of the plant.

  • That eating fruit and vegetables forms part of a healthy diet.

  • Ingredients refers to the items in a food mixture or a recipe.

Practical Knowledge (skills)

Children should know how to:

  • Explain what their product is and how it will work.

  • Follow instructions to make a product from a design.

  • Taste and evaluate different foods using a taste test.

  • Evaluate a finished product against their design.


Cooking and Nutrition

  • Describe the taste, texture, and smell of fruit and vegetables


Food Preparation Skills:

  • Cut foods with a vegetable knife using the claw grip.

  • Cut foods with a vegetable knife using the bridge hold.

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