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Primary Design Technology Scheme of Work

Celebration Cards (Key Stage 1)

Design Brief: Design and make a Celebration Card that uses a simple mechanism.
Strand of Learning: Materials & Mechanisms

Overview: In this unit of work children are introduced to mechanical movement and how such mechanisms can be used to create a pop-up / mechanical card.


Images from the Lesson Presentation Slides

  • 6 x Lesson Presentation Slides

  • PDF Templates to make a range of mechanical and pop-up cards

Medium Term Planning includes:

  • 6 x lesson overviews

  • Vocabulary List

  • Learning statements linked to Curriculum

  • Support and Challenge

  • Assessment - Keeping up with the curriculum

Teaching Pack

Curriculum Scope and Sequence

Substantive & Technical Knowledge

Pupils should know:

  • A product is something that is made to do a job or fulfil and need.

  • A product is made for a person known as the client

  • Drawing out design ideas is useful to see how the product will look.

  • To keep themselves safe when making things.

  • Evaluating existing products can help them to design and make their own product ideas.



  • Sheet materials refers to materials that are flat.

  • Sheet materials can be folded to create three-dimensional shapes.


Mechanical Systems

  • Know that mechanisms cause things to move. 

  • Linear movement is movement in a straight line.

  • Rotational movement is circular movement.

  • A lever is something that turns on a pivot.

Practical Knowledge (skills)

Pupils should know how to:

  • Research similar existing products, including online research.

  • Use knowledge of existing products to help with generating their own ideas.

  • Explain what their product is and how it will work.

  • Select and use tools most appropriate for a practical task.

  • Cut and shape a range of materials using different tools and techniques.

  • Assemble, join, and combine a range of materials using different methods and techniques.

  • Reflect on a finished product explaining their likes, dislikes and suggesting improvements.



  • Measure and mark out to the nearest centimetre.

  • Cut sheet materials safely using tools provided.

  • Shape sheet materials through folding, creasing, and curling.

  • Join materials through gluing and by making slots.


Mechanical Systems

  • Use sliders to create linear motion in mechanical products.

  • Use levers and a pivot to create rotational movement in products.

  • Create simple folding mechanisms in pop up books.

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