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Focused Disciplines: Drawing, Textiles

Collage & Sculpture

This unit of work focuses on introducing line, shape, and colour as elements of art. It does this through the common theme of rainforests. Children are also introduced to the idea of collaborating together to create art.

Teaching Pack

  • 6 Lesson Presentation Slides

  • Knowledge Organiser

  • Medium Term Plan

  • Scheme of Work Overview

  • Additional teaching resources

Curriculum Scope & Sequence

Theoretical Knowledge

  • Children will learn about different techniques, materials and skills that enable them to create art.

  • Children will understand and use key vocabulary to demonstrate knowledge and understanding, including; line, shape, colour, and pattern.

Technical Knowledge

Through experimenting with a range of drawing materials children:

  • Draw lines and shapes of different thicknesses and sizes.

  • Create detail, patterns and textures using different lines and marks.

  • Develop pencil control, learning how to draw and colour in carefully.


  • Select the appropriate brush or painting tool to create different painted effects.

  • Develop brush control, learning how to paint carefully


  • Use simple stitching to create pattern.

  • Decorate textiles using applique techniques.


  • Shape and combine different malleable materials using techniques to create interesting forms.

  • Cut, shape, and join different materials together to create interesting forms.


  • Create collage and mixed media compositions using a range of materials to convey an idea or for a given purpose.

Conceptual Knowledge

Children will understand the creative process through:

  • Using their imagination to create art.

  • Developing ideas linked to a topic they are interested in.

  • Talking about their art, explaining its meaning and their intentions.

  • Being able to identify ways in which to improve their artwork and the work of others

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