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Focused Disciplines: Textiles

This unit of work introduces and builds upon knowledge and skills associated with weaving textiles. Children undertake a range of creative activities to deepen their understanding of the simple weave technique.

Teaching Pack

  • 6 Lesson Presentation Slides

  • Knowledge Organiser

  • Medium Term Plan

  • Scheme of Work Overview

  • Additional teaching resources

Curriculum Scope & Sequence

Theoretical Knowledge

  • Children will understand and use key vocabulary to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding across all areas of art and design.

Technical Knowledge

Children will be able to:

  • Apply weaving techniques to create compositions.

  • Use a simple weaving loom to create patterned cloth.

  • Use applique to create decoration and detail to textile compositions

Conceptual Knowledge

Children will understand the creative process through:

  • Practising techniques, making mistakes, and evaluating their own work and the work of others as part of the learning journey. 

  • Creating original pieces that are influenced by studies of others and show a range of influences and styles. 

  • Using the qualities of materials to enhance ideas. 

  • Commenting on artworks with a fluent grasp of visual language.

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