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Primary Design Technology Scheme of Work

Super Salads (Key Stage 1)

Design Brief: Design and make a ‘Five-A-Day’ Salad to help children eat healthily.
Strand of Learning: Cooking and Nutrition

Overview: In this unit of work children extend their knowledge of food preparation by designing and making a healthy salad of five fruits and vegetables.


Images from the Lesson Presentation Slides

  • 6 x Lesson Presentation Slides

  • Healthy Eating presentation

  • Fruit and Vegetable Activity Pack

  • Cooking Equipment presentation

  • Salad Evaluation sheet

  • Recipe template sheet

Medium Term Planning includes:

  • 6 x lesson overviews

  • Vocabulary List

  • Learning statements linked to Curriculum

  • Support and Challenge

  • Assessment - Keeping up with the curriculum

Teaching Pack

Curriculum Scope and Sequence

Substantive & Technical Knowledge

Children should know:

  • How to research similar existing products, including online research.

  • How to use knowledge of existing products to help with generating their own ideas.

  • Simple procedures for working hygienically with food.

  • How evaluating existing products can help them to design and make their own product ideas.


Cooking and Nutrition

  • How to identify fruit and vegetables and know that they come from different parts of the plant.

  • What is meant by a healthy and balanced diet.

  • That eating fruit and vegetables forms part of a healthy diet.

  • That nutrients are substances in foods that living things need to make energy, grow, and develop.

  • Where some common foods originate from.

  • That ingredients refers to the items in a food mixture or recipe.

Practical Knowledge (skills)

Children should know how to:

  • Explain what their product is and how it will work.

  • Follow instructions to make a product from a design.

  • Select and use tools most appropriate for a practical task.

  • Taste and evaluate different foods using a taste test.


Cooking and Nutrition

  • Describe the taste, texture, and smell of a range vegetables.

  • Describe the information that should be included on a food product label.


Food Preparation Skills:

  • Cut medium resistance foods with a vegetable knife using the claw grip.

  • Cut medium resistance foods or partly prepared food with a vegetable knife using the bridge hold.

  • Grate soft foods.

  • Snip ingredients using scissors.

  • Squeeze the juice from fruit or vegetables.

  • Spoon ingredients between different containers with increasing accuracy and minimal spillage

  • Peel with a swivel peeler with adult support

  • Mix with increasing thoroughness to combine ingredients.

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